Hannes Caspar

When it comes to photography, I usually browse through my contacts list and click on users if I remember from certain picture they took and I really liked. In Hannes’s (a.k.a bluecut) case I like quite a few of his pictures, but I think what really stuck in my mind about his work is the power in his portraits. In my opinion a great portrait beats any landscape. A portrait with a beautiful female model staring inside the lens, with pure, raw emotion showing on her face. Its powerful.

This is the first picture from Hannes that hit me right in the face, truly amazing.

You should really check out his Flickr its really great (he does great nude shots too)

Finally the great thing about Hannes is that he lives in BERLIN and anybody who lives in Berlin is AWESOME. I went to that city a couple of times and still have not found anywhere in the world where I have enjoyed myself as much. Berlin is a place of youth, culture, art, celebration. It mixes it all into an all-round perfect package situated in the middle of a great country. If you can, go there.


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