Nicholas Hendrickx

Nicholas or Ukaaa is a photographer I discovered fairly recently, and I’ve enjoyed checking out his work from time to time. He’s one of those peole that has a list of “his gear” which includes a crazy collection of cameras ranging from the Canon 400D (I shoot Canon and loove it) to a Lomo LC-A (lomography is sweeeet) and loads of other fun film cameras. He manipulates this collection with great expertise, see for yourself:

This is Liam Finn and I’m pretty sure this is how I discovered Nic, because Liam happens to be the brother of a friend of mine, Elroy Finn. When I saw this pic on Flickr I had to check out Ukaaa’s photostream !
This series is awesome, check out the rest here
This is just a tiny portion of all his work, go on his Flickr and check the rest out.
AND check out his blog, he just started it, like me :P


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