Annette Pehrsson

Annette is a photographer from Sweden, her pictures are simply amazing. I think this photography is perfect to put after the work of Catalina because it also involves simple backgrounds, like walls or bed sheets. Annette takes pictures of body parts against bed sheets or walls and gives the photos great textures with smooth tones. This is something I admire the most in some photographers: taking something simple that might seem mundane to anybody and making it simply beautiful through a lens.

This last one is from Annette’s Anonym series and it really reminds me of Catalina‘s work with hidden subject faces. Its nice to see similar ideas worked upon differently.

I had to choose this work out of 360 pictures on Flickr, so please make sure to go check out her Flickr and her portfolio

Annette also has a Holga blog where she puts up some great lomo photography from the flickr group, thats a definite bookmark.


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