I love you, man.

Tuesdays is the day to go the movies. Because on Tuesday the movies is only 5$ instead of 1000000$ (well its only 10$ actually but that feels like an exorbitant amount for a student just wanting to watch a movie).
Tess (the roommate who cut my hair and denied the life trauma this has caused me) and I went to see I Love You, Man and it was hilarious. In the plot the two main actors Paul Rudd (as Peter) and Jason Segel (as Sydney) become friends because Peter is looking for a guy friend to be his best man during his wedding, and also because he doesn’t really have any guy friends.

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing extraordinary about this movie, its the same type of plot structure as most of the ones you see these guys in, but man do they make me laugh.

However this is not the main point of this article, before going to the movie theater I happen to see the cover of Vanity Fair while shopping for wax strips (don’t ask) and saw the last work of Annie Leibovitz. Genius. She shot the quartet of comedians that seem to be the most hilarious dudes these days (Superbad, Knocked Up, 40-Year-Old-Virgin…):


Now that is a funny picture, in itself, but you can tell a professional photographer still has her head set right when she takes that shot after taking this one:

[Vanity Fair]


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