Jordi Gual

Jordi does some stunning film photography, both in color and black and white. But today I felt like black and white so I just selected some of his bw portraits. I think the use of square format really intensifies his portraits, 6×6 does that to you, it puts a big thing (like a face or shoes) in a small space (like a square) and makes you appreciate the sharpness of the focus better.

hmm apparently it also reduces my ability to use words.


Federico Erra

Federico does some very very impressive work. I went through his photostream and only selected portraits of close-up faces. The reason for this being that there is nothing more mesmerizing than the eyes and facial features of Federico’s models. It’s the texture of his photographs that really attracts me, like the freckles or the hair… the hair !! Some of you might have noticed my obsession with long hair covering the eyes or the mouth of a model. Anyways, Federico is obviously a real connaisseur of the strobe and the marvels of photoshop.

And for all you pure-hearted digital haters out there, I’d like to point out this last shot here has no photoshop work. Damn good photography if you ask me

Salva López

I don’t know how Jeff (from does it, but he constantly posts some mind-blowing photography, and most of the time in the days that follow you can see loads of other blogs following his lead. I guess I’m more of a follower today (even though I really do try and bring new content to this blog) because after I saw some of Salva López’s work there was NO WAY it was not going onto this blog. I mean, not posting his work would have meant OD-ing on painkillers sometime this weekend.

So cheers Jeff, and for those of you who already saw Salva’s stuff on booom (99.99% of the world population, because really, who doesn’t check out like e-very-day?) I tried posting some different pictures too:

I think Salva’s work has a beautiful nostalgia flowing through it, perfectly combined with emotions such as joy and freedom. This blend of different emotions in Salva’s work really makes every picture a unique piece of art.

damn, that was deep (and slightly grammatically incorrect).

his website (under construction)

and diary

1000 Portraits

Even though I spend a considerable amount of time on Flickr seeking inspirational photographers, the Flickr blog is a great way of discovering some of the successful photography projects out there. Recently Carlo Nicora and Fabulous Muscles (Eamon Lane) took 1000 portraits of people walking the streets of London.

Everytime I go to London I am amazed with the diversity in culture/style/art that can be found in that city. And this diversity really reflects on the faces of londoners, so when the Flickr blog featured this project, I just sat back and watched the slideshow of the “a true portrait of Britain”. It was totally worth it.

Here are some highlights:

make sure to check out some more on

Juampi Bonino

Once again, I bring you someone with great talent Juampi Bonino is the photography director of a very sexy fashion e-zine called REGIA MAG. I like his use of different tones, especially in the last two here, and I think the long hair covering the breasts picture really got me hooked on his photostream. It’s a classic, but damn I never get tired of it.

Dusdin Condren

hhhmmmmm this is really good stuff, this kind of work gets me proper excited about taking pictures (and meeting girls). Dusdin Condren has an amazing eye for capturing great poses, great light and his models have such beauty in their eyes it makes me tingle all over. Not only that but if you go check out his website (and your computer will self destruct in the next 24h if you don’t) you’ll see he’s got all different kinds of photography going.

His skill is certainly not limited to people photographs.

flickr him

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