Nic Persinger

Nic’s pictures make me want to go camping again. His work is beautifully simple. I chose pictures mostly taken in the nature because the tones in his forest backgrounds are amazing. Combine that with a dress, a skirt, or a full-on nude and you’ve got the basics to Nic’s great photography. Naturally you need talent like his to make it this perfect:

a while ago I was super excited to have my new nifty fifty. Well that fun only lasted a couple of weeks, the young lens is already heading back for repair… back to the old 18-55mm


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  1. Beautiful shots! I love how you often feature people from flickr, it’s so handy and it makes them more approachable, if that makes sense.

    I assume you got the cheapo plastic 50mm? I got the same one, it’s great but it breaks so easily. Luckily mine is still going strong *knocks on wood*.


  2. actually I really try hard to find photographers through Flickr, and I totally see what you mean with approachable :)

    Flickr provides a one of a kind portfolio that feels a lot more personal that a portfolio website, in my opinion

    yup, thats the one, pretty much the cheapest lens out there. Not too surprised it broke, hope yours lasts longer ;)


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