Jackie Young: I Am________

This is only a tiny fraction of the absolutely incredible work Jackie has done. The pictures in this series made me feel all sorts of emotions, they show humanity’s most beautiful face. You can find more of these on this flickrstream, but make sure to go have a look at all her other amazing pictures on here.

blog dedicated to the project

update: if you read the comments bellow you will see the copyright of this project is debated. The original project was created by Alicia Cargile and you can buy her book here.

Olga Perevalova

Olga perfectly balances the art of capturing the spontaneous moments of daily life and taking pictures with delightfully intricate details. She’s either there at the right time and place or simple creates beautiful pictures.

Either way, I like these and hopefully you will too.

Syouhei Uchikawa

At first I was a bit intimidated by Syouhei’s 2500 pictures on his photostream. But I couldn’t resist posting some of these great portraits he took. Enjoy

I’d also like to announce we’ve got a Flickr group !! this new addition is for all you people out there who want to submit some of your best pictures to be possibly selected for the blog :)

Oleg Pavlov

I selected these pictures with a window theme because the light Oleg captures through them is majestic. Hailing from Russia Oleg’s pictures have lots more diversity than you would think from seeing these few, take 5 more minutes out of your procrastinating time and check out his flickr-stream !

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