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Back in March, around the time I started this blog, I posted an article with Sarah’s work. I’ve been following her photography since I first started out on Flickr, and it’s always been a pleasure appreciating her stunning pictures. Sarah is from Münster, Germany, but she’s presently travelling in China. She was kind enough to answer a few of my questions by email, enjoy:

1. When did you get into photography and why?

I started photography with a crappy little digital compact camera. I used it just for fun – but it became more and more important for me to document life, scenes and feelings.

2. What part does photography take in your life? Is it merely a hobby or are you pursuing a career in it?

photography is a very important part in my life. it’s my instrument to express myself and a way to reflect feelings, impressions and my point of view.

3. Do you have a favorite camera you shoot with?

I use a canon eos 40d mostly. but i also like analogue and toy cameras.

4. Do you have any particular sources of inspiration?

I like the works of my flickr friends and contacts. check them out! :)

5. What is your approach to taking pictures? It seems that you do a lot of travel photography (especially now, I guess, since you’re in China) and yet your photostream has some concert photography, architectural work, and many other types of photos.

I don’t have a particular approach. I shoot what I see and what catches my attention. I’m in China at the moment – and of course I try to document my surroundings, things and people I see.

6. The people in your pictures (including your self-portraits) very rarely have their face included in the frame. Is there any particular reason for taking portraits with a rather “anonymous” edge to them?

I really like faces! ;) but in my opinion sometimes it’s more interesting not to know who it is, what his or her expression is. i like mysterious photographs.

7. On your website it says your digital pictures are “edited, recomposed, remixed” do you like doing a lot of post-processing?

some years ago i did a lot of post-processing. but at the moment most of my photos are almost “pure”.

8. Has Flickr influenced your photography in any way?

yes, it did. it’s a good way to get feedback and to get in contact with other artists. I like it a lot.

9. Working on any cool photography-related projects at the moment? (I noticed you’re involved in Jake Dow-Smith’s project MANY)

yes, I also participate in 30 UNDER 30 / WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS will start on January 1.

10. How’s your trip in China going?

well, my trip in China is an adventure for me. I am in Shanghai and spent also one week in Chengdu. two very different kinds of cities in China. life is so different, fast and colorful here. everyday you see and learn something completely new. I try to express my experiences and views in my photos. you can see more of them here.

Thank you Sarah !

her Flickr

her blog


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