Tamara Lichtenstein

I’ve seen Tamara’s work pop up on pretty much every part of the artsy blogosphere, and yet I can’t resist following the trend. I chose to feature some of her fabulous double-exposures. She takes beautiful scenes of skies or flowers and combines it with amazing portraits. It gives a whole new perspective to the photograph, remixing nature with human faces to generate angelic-looking creatures.

Erin Hanson

aaah this is a great coincidence !! Erin’s blog, Recovering Lazyholic, has been one of my favorite bookmarks for ages now. I kept on going back to see those awesome 1 minute photoshop messages she makes, or just to read about her constant struggle to find a cure to laziness (mostly to find personal motivation).

And then today, as I roamed the internet looking for visual distractions, I noticed she had a flickr account !

You know the rest of the story…

If you think this series is lots of fun, I also encourage you to go check out her website full remarkable travel photography.

Jeremy Edwards

Jeremy was kind enough to send me a link to his recent project From The Pocket which really blew my mind. All of the pictures in this project were captured with his iphone, and edited with various iphone photography apps. Now I know there are people out there who are quite critical of the whole “digital imitating” of other photography styles.

Personally I don’t have much of an opinion about it, I think we’re in crazy times when mediums mingle and make babies. The more ways the are of taking pictures, the more you can distinguish the talent from the crap. Jeremy’s iphoneography demonstrates an acute sense of composition and spontaneity.

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