Darren Rigo

This is a series named “Surface” by Darren Rigo. Every aspect of these portraits blows my mind. From the expressions on their faces, to the brilliant message behind the project. As Darren explains, this project, represents the ‘coming-of-age’ rituals or ceremonies. The subjects have had a natural material applied to their skin and selectively removed. Through these pictures Darren has touched upon several themes, but they all revolve around the idea of personal identity in the sense of maturity, birth, and metamorphosis.

But don’t just read my poor interpretation, go read his artist statement to better understand the many layers in this fantastic work.


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  1. weeeiiirdddddd dunt like it. the intentions behind might be interesting but not aesthetic AT ALL!!! its still important you know- whatever those moderns or postmoderns (or whoever) might say…lol!


    • I disagree. the colors are beautiful, the light is perfect. I can see how you find the texture of the materials slightly unaesthetic, but I don’t. Thanks for your opinion though


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