Rebecca Rijsdijk

I noticed one of Rebecca’s pictures a while ago somewhere on the internet without really searching more until today. As I went through her website I was amazed at the themed work she does. There hardly are any of her pictures that aren’t part of a project or series. This series in particular struck me as mind-blowing. The fascination for these pictures has been growing on me. Everything seems to have a meaning to it. Even the order of the pictures.

I see these as a representation of deep emotions. There seems to be as much significance in the horizons in the background as the contrast between the dress patterns. They look as much vulnerable as they look strong. Rebecca has photographed a beautiful paradox. That might be why most of the stuff I just wrote doesn’t make sense.

this series is entitled “stiletto paradoxes”


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  1. i like the description you wrote! i had a first look at the photos, I then read the intro to them and i must say the second time they did look more meaningful! i can feel the emotionsss ;)

    its crazy,the more i look at them, the more i seem to understand!!!this is great, i like it!


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