Kourtney Roy

This is when I wish this blog could take bigger pictures, these diptychs by Kourtney are absolutely fantastic. I love the vintage faded style of the pictures, combined with the flowery surroundings that make the whole look like antique wallpapers. Kourntey’s use of hard white lights almost gives the pictures a surreal vibe, if not a feeling of time-travel.


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  1. Great shots, the colour palet and the over look … amazing.

    Ohh to make images bigger you can just link to the bigger file, there is an option when you upload the images. Well at least if you link from a URL whihc you can easily do by uploading it to like photobucket or flicker and then you can have it as big as you want and just link. Hope that kinda helps.


    • thanks man !

      yeah the problem with this wordpress theme is the image dimensions are fixed at 500px wide so I couldn’t have them bigger on the blog itself. But linking to a bigger version is also an option I guess. Soon enough I’ll be changing the theme to freshen up things though, so maybe bigger dimensions !



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