Henning Klasén

Henning Klasén is an unusual kind of photographer for these days, his work mainly focuses on wet plate photography which requires an enormous amount of determination, especially now. Given the work produced, I’m guessing it’s worth it. Henning explains on his website that these are wet plate images set on dark stained wood, which on a white background would look like negatives. Personally I find that this use of the frame as an essential element to the piece is fantastic, the images blend beautifully into the wood.

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Maaike Verwijs

These illustrations by Maaike form a series entitled “Dreams”. Maaike inserts disturbing elements in a manner that isn’t always so obvious. I really like how she builds worlds with either outright, or subtle, chaos. I see this as a reflection of some contradictions we live with, and not necessarily only in our dreams.

Reuben Wu

Reuben’s photographs have fantastic tones, which give a great psychedelic intensity to his work. I’ve selected a few beautiful portraits he’s done, but most of his photography seems to be taken during travels. It’s also awesome because he keeps this cross-processed look to most of his photography, and it feels like they were all taken on an acid trip.

Charlotte Boeyden

Beautiful pictures by Charlotte Boeyden. These shots are from her project called “Dreams” which seems like a natural title for such over-exposed and hazy photography. She also composes her captures in an elusive way, mainly focusing on the magical elements of people and creatures. Divine.

Jon Estwards

Jon’s creations blend beautiful abstract shapes and patterns with striking colors. I really like this first one, the way the picture is split into different areas each filled completely different colors and patterns, makes me think of colliding galaxies.

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