“It’s Out There – In Here” by Mark Warren Jacques

These four paintings by Mark Warren Jacques should give you a good idea of just how amazing his work is. They are part of the series “It’s Out There – In Here” which Mark exhibited along with some installations (of the same dazzling skill) back in 2009 in Portland.

I find myself relating to these pieces in a very personal way, after having read the titles. Naturally my first reaction to Mark’s work was complete amazement at the scope of his creativity. Then I lost myself in those patterns and multi-dimensional spaces (for lack of a better word). Until finally, after having read the titles, I discovered a whole new depth to each piece, changing my perspective from pure admiration to total entrancement.

“A Family Portrait”

“Vipassana breathing”

“We are close, yet an ocean remains between us”

“Reading in bed”


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