Art Sponge in 2011

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve been making little changes around the website, and will keep doing so until we’re eternally happy with what we see. Cori has been working hard on making the sidebar more comprehensive, and is working out some navigation options for our menu bar.

As for myself, I took the time to reconstruct our links section. I’ve compiled snapshots of our favorite blogs/websites to give you a colorful array of fantastic visual art and music choices from around the web.

We hope you’re enjoying it all, and wish you a very happy new year !

Jordan Kay

I’m one of those people who goes straight to the ‘personal’ or ‘sketchbook’ sections of artist portfolios. I find it gives a nice insight into what really drives the artist, although the general outlook of a portfolio also gives a great impression. In this case, after finding Jordan’s great drawings on our Flickr group, I checked out her skecthbook set and loved it just as much as the rest of her work.

Jordan seems to be inspired by a wide variety of things including typography, objects, people and patterns. She inserts nice subtle tones of color to her sketches and often has a clear message in mind.

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Allison Diaz

Allison’s collage work will decompose your perception of the world and recompose it so your entire visual world is diamond-kaleidoscope shaped. The more I stare at each piece, the more layers of composition emerge; it’s like my brain is constantly trying to find new shapes human faces by connecting pieces of eyes and mouths together – without actually making any sense.

Saying this work is trippy would be an understatement.

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Five Links to Bookmark for the Holidays

Continuing with our weekly selection of links for bookmark, here’s some tasty material:

The people from Seamless Creative bring you selections from all types of design.


Designer Andrei D. Robu curates all sorts of design, especially some great book and magazine covers.


I can perfectly relate to Bobby Solomon’s motivation behing The Fox is Black

“My friends and family were never as excited as I was about the things I would come across

so this site is a way to share ideas with a wide range of people.”


I think it’s fair to say most people are addicted to movie trailers,

and lots of people are also addicted to dvd, books and game releases.

More importantly, people want to know when all these things come out.

This site will provide you with all you need to know.


I doubt Dazed Digital is new to anyone, but who knows.

Debbie Tea

I first saw Debbie’s work when Romke interviewed her on Mossless, and I was totally blown away. Her work includes black and white, double exposures, and many other styles of photography such as this unique series adequately entitled Christmas Tree:

On this note, we would like to wish a very happy Christmas to all of you !

Thank you for reading the blog and keeping up with Art Sponge as we move along, trying to work our way into the big world.

Please keep reading, submitting and liking us.

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