Paintings by Max Kauffman

If you happen to be in Denver in the beginning of June you should have a look at the Illiterate exhibit including works by Max Kauffman displayed below. I like the vibrant colors that flow throughout Max’s paintings and all the sorts of shapes he creates, often alternating between swift chaotic brush strokes and precise lines.

Here’s how Max describes his work:

My work is a return to earlier times, a post apocalyptic d.i.y. culture, where structures and life itself are cobbled out of anything at hand. Beasts and plants flourish where society has faltered. Bone, wood, and scraps hold tenuously together the strands of this dystopia. Though formerly there was a butting of heads between nature and man/civilization, now there is a newfound harmony, where these animals and cities are now intertwined. As things crumbled around them, they have set aside their differences, and are ready to make it work together to survive. The cycle of life and death is explored, but not in a gory, trite manner. Rather as a celebration, or acceptance, a beautiful thing. A transition, a way to feed the next generation.



Untitled(new nest)


Untitled(ever vigilant)

Untitled(owl branches)


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