We’ve Changed Stuff !

Hello dear readers!

If you read much of what I’ve being rambling about over the last few weeks (months), you might have noticed I tend to announce future plans for Art Sponge that never seem to come to fruition.

Well Cori and I finally got around to realizing a large part of those plans.

So what’s new?

Well first off, I think we deserve a nice pat on the back for the way things look here now, if I may say so myself.

Also, we’ve finally launched our shop. You’ll find that the products for sell at the moment are not numerous, but we’re working hard to bring you more awesome visual art magazines, possibly some of our own merchandise (any suggestions are welcome !) and artworks are on that list as well.

If you’d like to collaborate with us regarding products to sell through the shop, please email.

We’ve compiled a little mix for you guys, and you’ll find the previous one also shelved in our sidebar. Like this you can please your ears while perusing through the site content.

Oh yeah, we’re on twitter now too. Follow us and be the first to find out about future giveaways and new content.


Hey guys, I'm Patrick the founder and editor of Art Sponge. If you're curious about my experience and work, here's my portfolio. Otherwise, don't hesitate to drop me an email, add me on Google+ or follow my Tumblr

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