Portrait Photography by Mary Claire Roman

19 year old photographer Mary Claire Roman has a wonderful flickfolio full of sunset-lit portraits of herself and her friends. Whether it’s on a beach, in a field, a car or anywhere else, Mary knows how to get her models’ wrapped in that timeless golden light so characteristic of California – symbol of being wild & free.


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Photography by Lina Scheynius

Lina has been a ‘contact’ of mine on Flickr for years now, and although this still means we’ve never actually been in contact, I’ve been an ardent follower of her photography. Why I haven’t featured her work sooner on here is beyond me – but it might relate to the rather explicit content of a lot of her pictures.

In any case, Lina’s photography is raw, exciting and spontaneous – three things she seems to manipulate perfectly in every shot.

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Illustrations by Sarah King

London-based Illustrator Sarah King has some mesmerizing artworks in her portfolio. Constructing images of people, places and animals out of words and phrases, Sarah’s style of illustration achieves an impressive and staggering effect.

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Monochrome Monday with Anastasiya Lazurenko

I’ve rarely seen so many beautiful girls all photographed inside one portfolio, but Anastasiya definitely seems to have collected quite a number of them. She’s also managed to take all sorts of awesome shots with these girls, some of them being quite explicit and yet keeping it in reasonable constraints in others.

All in all, her works has a subtle sensuality and an arresting authenticity.

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Illustrations by Poonam Mistry

I’m absolutely blown away by the beauty of Poonam’s illustrations. As Poonam explains, her culturally Indian upbringing has heavily influenced her artworks, as well as folklore tales and stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. These pieces are mostly hand drawn and altered with Photoshop.

I think what attracts me to Poonam’s illustrations (apart from the amazing effect created by such intricate detail) is the style of patterns that contrast each other in each piece in order to create larger shapes and figures.

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Mixed Media art by Chyrum Lambert

Chyrum’s artworks seem to be a mixture of drawing and collage, using cardboard. Keeping the color scheme of these pieces in the light and dark brown tones of the material gives a really organic feel to each of Chyrum’s pieces. I also love his precise and geometrical style of drawing – reminds me of minimal graphic design.

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