Design is measured in Grahams

To be a graphic designer, there is an emphasis on communicating visually to all types, for varying messages. Color schemes, image placement, genre definition, merely tools for the grand finale. Zach Graham has these tools at hand for every work.

His work first caught my attention during the “50 and 50 Project” , when he represented my home state of Arkansas. Their was a true down-home appeal, masked in a modern, simplistic, and uninterrupted visuals. As I dug deeper, I found more classic contemporary style, that wasn’t arrogant and busy.

Zach’s work speaks in a simpler more effective way, disseminating a message to step back and look beyond our own expectations, and embrace the simplicity of life.
Zach graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas, he currently works for Going Interactive. His portfolio and blog here.

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