Mixed Media Collages by Rebecca Volynsky

Rebecca Volynsky does not see her work as scripted or planned. When creating mixed media collages, she attempts to reach a destination where all of her ideas and visions are the most clear. Everything that spills out onto paper in the form of repeating patterns and symbolic imagery is under her control.

She begins by placing and arranging paper and other media on a surface in order to remove them. Old photographs, graph paper, colorful drops of watercolor, thin sheets of transparent tissue and graphite markings that look as thought they attack the page are combined.

These are attached onto paper through gluing and sewing, strengthening the paper as a three dimensional object. Everything that is placed on the surface exposes Rebecca’s inner thoughts but also conceals them, allowing the viewer to come up with other interpretations of the work. They sometimes just evolve on their own and fall into place.

our home on the water

watercolor experiment #1

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learning and growing

now that everything is gonna be alright

in order to take care


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