Prolix by David Zilber & Trapshot Archives

I’m pleased to present to you a great small press founded here in Montreal and led by my friend Jack Allen. Trapshot Archives solicit and distribute short fiction, collections of poetry, and artist books with an interest in contemporary practices.

Here’s one of their publications I’m particularly fond of:

“Prolix” is a selection of photos shot by David Zilber, a young artist working and living in Vancouver. Insisting on the idea that ‘meaning, or lack thereof, is more important in my artistic process than any subject,’ Zilber presents a series that avoids discussion. And yet flipping through the pages it cannot go unsaid that something dark—something of alienation and anonymity—emerges. “Prolix” is a collection of images that neglects the subject: instead of looking at people, looking for people, we are encouraged to focus on what people look at, what people look for. This shift, however slight, in what is presented to us, attempts to void all meaning from each photograph. The subjects, seemingly caught between the viewer and their own desires, take on new roles—each more hollow than the last—acting only as entryways into a world where most important are focal points and dreams, not sincerity or dreamers.

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