Mixed Media Illustration by Sara Blake (aka Zso)

Sara’s work has been an open tab on my browser for over a week now, like a lot of work I intend on posting but just can’t seem to find the time it deserves to stop and give it a good write-up. Anyways I finally got around to it.

Based in NYC, Sara is an Interactive Art Director, Designer and Illustrator. Somehow she seems to excel at all of these disciplines, and all of her work keeps a consistent, yet ever-evolving and completely mindblowing style. This project in particular is a statement to that: the goal of 100 Girls is experimental portraiture to see how drawing style can evolve through repeating the same subject matter over and over.

The top image is the first (and oldest) of the series and so on.

[peekaboo name=”blake”]

[peekaboo_content name=”blake”]


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