I’ve been following Neil Krug’s Flickr for ages, always amazed with the sun-bathed tones in his photography and his great Western-style shots (especially for his great photobook Pulp Art). But Neil’s work spans across many visual experiments in the realm of photography, and this series for the release of Skying by The Horrors is a great testimony to this.



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Man oh man oh man… Nick’s pictures are absolutely magnificent. There’s an amazing diversity in the remote landscapes he travels to, it raises so many questions in my mind. But mostly just leaves me in a complete state of awe and wonderment.

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Yup, you read that right, Pete Eckert is visually impaired. But that does not stop him from capturing some mesmerizing photographs, in fact his work easily competes with some of the great photographers out there who have perfect eye-sight. Have a look at this great video on Pete, check out some his work below, and read his inspiring story on his website.

| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.

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Great bright and colorful artworks by Erica Steiner.

Her work seeks to use ornamentation as a disciplined and sustained practice and as a means of dialoging with fine art, folk art, and craft traditions such as Indian and Aboriginal painting, psychedelic art, graphic design, medieval Catholic illuminated manuscripts, mid-century modernism and Victorian imagery . The careful and ornate pattern work that forms the language of her pieces ultimately echos the cellular patterns that constitute all matter. The work is rendered in oil and gold leaf on canvas, painted in many layers, over time.

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By now you must have seen the video below, an incredible time-lapse of Miguel Endara drawing a portrait of his father with 3.2 million ink dots. I’ve added a few of Miguel’s other artworks, that are just as amazing as Hero. Saying these drawings have incredible detail would be an understatement.

Hero from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.

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I noticed Tim’s photography when reading this great article on one of my favorites music/visual artists: Tycho. The first two shots are from Tim’s editorial shoot with Scott Hansen, and he definitely captured an atmosphere reminiscent of Tycho’s world (most of which you can find on Scott’s well-known blog ISO50). The other shots are from Tim’s personal work; beautiful overlays of pictures with similar lush and warm tones.

a side-note for Montrealers: Tycho & Beacon will be playing on January 16th at Il Motore. I’m so bummed I won’t be here for it, hopefully they’ll play in Europe someday…

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There’s something very poignant about these paintings by Brazilian artist Luís Teixeira. The painting of people in their sleep with this choice of warm blood-red colors evokes a portrait of humanity at its frailest and most gentle state.

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