Wonderful images from Harley Weir’s impressive portfolio. It’s hard to make the difference between Harley’s fashion photos and personal diary photos – and I tend to see that as a good thing – so I threw in a bit of both in this selection.

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Quite simply, Davis Ayer’s photography kicks ass. I chose only to feature his ‘polatives’ series of vintage-toned and textured photos because I aim for consistency in my selections. However the rest of Davis’ portfolio is well worth the look – his great style  flows through all the different photo formats he uses.


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There’s a fascinatingly disturbing edge to Edward Cao’s creations – it’s a combination of the liquid textures and general devilish look of animals or faces in each painting.

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I really like the aesthetic and conceptual sides to this project by Florian Bong-kil Grosse. Conceptually Florian visually documented the awkward robotic movements of a blind person being given directions from a distance. Aesthetically I love the way Florian composed these shots within a very geometric and minimal environment – as well as their high-contrasty and grainy feel.

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Close-up portraits rarely lie. They are honest, full-frontal captures of someone’s face – a rather unforgiving framing of someone’s facial expression or attitude. Géraldine van Wessem predominantly focuses on her models’ faces and captures a great view into the person’s attitude or body language.



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The idea is rather simple, and I’m sure has been done in a less organized manner in the past – but Hana’s series of portraits of couples with ‘switched identities’ is pretty awesome. A lot of these portraits are plain hilarious, and most of them have a funny eeriness to them.

Via Fstoppers (cheers Gwen!)

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