FIN a short film by Craig Stecyk [C.R. Stecyk III]

This is a bit last-minute but here is a little glimpse into an exciting new short film by the one and only Craig Stecyk – whose life was famously portrayed in the film Lords of Dogtown and who co-wrote the award-winning documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys.

For this first installment in an evolutionary series of digital film shorts,  Stecyk joined up with the brand Hurley to present a film that investigates “artisan garage culture.  It will offer insights into an assortment of individuals who incorporate traditional do-it-yourself garage methodology into differing pursuits such as traditional modified vehicles, surfboards, skateboards, art, music and communications.”

Hurley is also releasing a limited edition of awesome t-shirts to go with the film.  A series of 4 t-shirts showcasing exclusive artwork and still photography captured during the making of FIN.  The film debuts on Feb. 8th at Hurley’s H-Space gallery.  The film will then travel to Hurley’s additional H Space galleries in Bali and Tokyo for international premieres.

Check out the trailer and more screenshots here.

A possible giveaway of one of the limited ed. t-shirts from Hurley is in the works – stay tuned.

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