Delicate & Beautiful Photography by Sílvia Trillo Martí

It’s Sunday so I’m assuming none of you are in a workplace where this delicate picture of a young ladies legs might be frowned upon. And I tend to believe that if you read this blog you work in the creative sector and this is cool with everyone. But then again, I might be wrong, so I’ll throw the question out there:

Does the kind of job you do allow you to scroll through blogs like Art Sponge? or do you have to be all sneaky about it?

I’d be happy to hear about your work experiences – especially since I am in the process of going from student to worker.

In the mean time, let’s enjoy these beautifully delicate photos by Sílvia Trillo Martí.

[peekaboo name=”marti”]

[peekaboo_content name=”marti”]



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