Found on The Red List: Existential Photography by Claudine Doury

I’ve been invited to put together a editorial list of artists to be featured on The Red List – a great Paris-based website focused on creating a library of past and present artists from many different disciplines. I’m really happy to be able to do this, because I feel like archiving and finding a sense of permanency in the visual arts these days is of high importance.

There are many different theories out there on how this sudden increase in art-production through the web has affected our perception of art – some say it generates a gigantic layer of “gray goo” as so many people with no talent or skill throw their work on the web. I think it’s hard to disagree with this approach – there’s an undeniable amount of crap flowing through the net and increasingly diluting the definition of ‘fine art’. But if you keep at it long enough you begin to find ways of piercing through the goo and uncovering all the really great art resulting from the growth of web & technology.

My way of cataloguing these sweet discoveries is through blogging obviously. But even with this platform I find many limits – such as inadequate categorization, chronological postings, tedious copy-pasting… this makes it impossible for me to select, organize and archive all the worthy material I come acros.

Sites like The Red List come and fill the gap between web-curating (which stands completely apart from being a curator) and archiving – as they put it, the Red List “organizes and concentrates the wealth of images to be found online.”.

So while browsing through this vast archive I came across Claudine Doury’s beautiful photography. Appropriately listed under Existentialism.

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