Melting Wax Faces & Bodies by Erin Pollock and Steph Kese


Wax Body Sculpture Melting by KeseyPollock

Wax Face Sculpture Melting by KeseyPollock

Seattle-based artists Erin Pollock and Steph Kese have been collaborating for several years on a mixed-media project involving casting peoples’ faces and bodies in wax. From there Erin and Steph (a.k.a KeseyPollock) take things a lot further by filling the casts with various other forms of wax, butter, vaseline and other weak materials – and then melting their creations.

While recording this destructive (or rather creative) process, Erin and Steph capture beautiful, moving and sometimes disturbing images of life-like bodies turning into vibrant liquid color schemes. In between the casting and the melting comes all sorts of other experimentations as well, such as posing in funny or strange situations with a wax mask or body.

This past month KeseyPollock have been funding their project through Kickstarter in order to work entirely on wax bodies, and get their supporters involved by casting donators. Have a look at their campaign which finishes Thursday, they still need help in order to professionally record these processes!

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