Melting Rainbows – by Taisuke Koyama




In order to capture such bewildering images Taisuke Koyama placed the prints from his previous series Rainbow Form (2009) on his balcony and observed and photographed the process of transformation occurring on their surface.

 hat tip to Wandering Bears

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“A city and human body, organisms and inorganic materials, consciousness and unconsciousness, the self and the other; in this environment which is constantly changing with the transition of seasons, those elements are reacting each other closely and constituting this ever-changing world which keeps metabolizing like an organism.”

“Countless phenomena in this city occur as the outcome of the continuing process of this metabolism. They intersect between natural objects and artificial ones , connecting micro and macro world. And those phenomena are effected and caused by not only natural factors (sunlight, wind and rain), but also by the thousands of incidents I did not encounter and thousands of behavior of people I do not know. “

“Melting rainbows” is a study on natures a photography possesses; the series of unphotographed moments existing before and after the shot. It is also the research on abstract photography, making a photography of natural phenomenon and the contradiction between visible image and the structure behind the it.”


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