Monochrome Portrait Photography by Trine Søndergaard



Monochrome Portraits a photography project by Trine Søndergaard (quotes from this interview)

“The images balance  between the darkness, the color, and the introspection that are their subject — or rather it’s where they balance between all three elements that I think
they work best.”

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“I know the people in the images, so who they are as individuals isn’t my focus. I try to depict a mental state by directing the person I portray to a point where they turn inwards. An introspective state that encompasses feelings like confinement and depression, but also meditative reflection.”

“[…] I think other feelings and moods emerge due to the visual aspect.
The feeling is one I know really well, and that I direct the subjects —purely physically—to express. I don’t care what people are thinking about. I mean I don’t sit down and ask them how they are feeling and then photograph that. So the portraits don’t depict individuals. There is no intention to generate recognition or identification.”

“In a way, Everything you do is [a self-portrait]. The other projects I’ve done are too. That’s what’s fascinating about photography. When you look at a series of images or a photographer’s entire oeuvre, what’s been noticed says a lot about who’s behind the camera. There’s always that duality—the viewer looking at the image and the presence of the photographer looking at the subject of the image.”

“It’s about hearing a pin drop.

About investigating how quietly I can say it and
yet it still be heard.”


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