Cuban artist and sculptor Yoan Capote has a distinct way of capturing ideas. His humorous approach to depicting human qualities (or weaknesses) across a variety of psychological, political and sexual topics is strikingly balanced against the seriousness of the techniques and materials he uses.

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Although I’m unsure what The Dead Zone entitles, I think it’s an appropriate title for this selection of works by Emma Vaheraslak, whose grainy and pointillist drawings offer obscure insights into the artists’ occult visions.

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Nicole Wermers creates abstractions out of duplicate images often found in magazines, such as staircases or chair arms. Wermers’ collages have a very sculptural feel, often reaching out of the frame in order to fully ancre a surreal spatiality .

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I discovered Nick Stewart Hoyle’s work through his involvement with the curating project MELT, which showcases a fantastic selection of mixtapes and artworks of a very mystic and psychedelic kind. Also known as Signalstarr, Nick’s work is coated with a nostalgic texture and a futuristic aesthetic.

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Q   U   A   R   T   Z   ≤≥


Sky Watchers



Set designer and fashion influencer Gary Card has a blog full of his incredibly varied and creative projects. Although the Bog Family was part of an “aborted project” I find these particularly great.

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Early in 2011 I featured Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek’s photography with a note on his capacity to compose beautiful shots. In The World We Live In Daniel takes his photography to even greater heights, both metaphorically and literally, in order to portray humanity. Human beings living intimate and blissful moments, captured from a distance, so as to include the vast spaces of nature which make these moments so special.

“It‘s just traveling without thinking too much; trying to let loose and just be. That’s when the world opens to me and shows itself in all its beauty, and all I have to do is to hit the shutter and enjoy the special moment when it all comes together.”


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