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Hi, my name is Jasmin. I’m editor and author of Musikompott, a German blog focusing on art, music, design, urban lifestyle and internet culture. On my journey through theGhostly International store, (which is one of my favourite music labels), I came across the digital work of Andy Gilmore.

Andy Gilmore creates kaleidoscopic digital artworks, which mesmerize the viewer with their colourful patterns (mostly) on a black background. Prisms fractionise white light into spectral colours so intense, Gilmore’s works look like satellite pictures of a digital space.

The scientific art of Andy Gilmore transmits its spiritual hypnosis via mandala-like figures or space-time-inspired shapes. Hence his work is featured in such diverse print and media as The New York Times, Wallpaper, The Wired or NewScientist Magazine.

However, colours, science, spirituality or nature, are not the focus of Andy Gilmore’s work:

“Music is at the center of my artistic life. As a musician I have always been fascinated by the harmony and the physics of sound—in a sense defining music as waveforms, waveforms whose properties and proportions define our scales, from which we write our melodies, in which we weave our emotions and memories into songs.

In addition to music as an experience I have been very interested in the theories, methods and language of music—serialism, minimalism, spectralism, indeterminacy, improvisation, tonality/atonality, silence/noise, raga and rhythm—these have always informed the language that I applied to design and ultimately shaped my work.”

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