Strength in Disorder a Portraiture Photography Project by Olivia Johnston

Olivia Johnston: Strength in Disorder &emdash;


Olivia Johnston: Strength in Disorder &emdash;

Strength in Disorder is a portrait photography project by Olivia Johnston focusing on women who suffer from eating disorders. The photobook is available in print or for free in digital format on magcloud.

 “When I was quite young, a women very close to me suffered from an eating disorder. My understanding was limited at the time, and as a result, I grew up wondering about these diseases. When I began this project, I expected to learn very much from the women I photographed, and intellectually I have; I now know much more about eating disorders than ever before. However, since getting to know the beautiful, confident, captivating, intelligent women in this book, the disease makes less sense than ever. How and why does this happen to our girls and women?”


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