Water In Motion acrylic carvings by Sophia Collier



Sophia Collier designs fascinating sculptures of water in motion, made in carved acrylic.

“One day I was walking across a bridge and thought I wish I could just reach down into the water and pick up a piece of that shining surface and keep it forever.

I didn’t start working on this right away because in those years I had a job at a mutual fund. But, from that work, I did know it was possible to develop software to model vast, turbulent, nonlinear data sets like money … and also, maybe, water in motion.

In early 2008 I was ready and returned to this idea full blast. I gave away a closet full of business suits and lady-shoes and began to build my studio and skills. I traveled to Detroit and found idled expert machinists to teach me precision milling. I learned animation and 3D modeling. I experimented with materials and developed a color palette in acrylic block. Rather than hire fabricators, I developed methods and equipment to make every piece myself in my own studio.

Now, when I look at my finished work, I see peace. Powerful emotion and turbulence have found a resting place. The surface is a lense for pure light.”

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