I’ve waited a while to post the work of Berlin-based artist Magdalena Wiegner, also known as Orble. Magda being a close friend of mine and my roommate of sorts, I’m hoping this post reaches as many people as possible, in order to spread the word on this unbelievably creative and truly talented person. Since we recently passed the 2500 mark on facebook, it seems the time is ripe.

Under the pseudonym Orble, Madga develops colourfully explosive, dynamic, and certainly humorous illustrations, or rather creatures. But Orble isn’t only a project from a multi-talented artist (who works on paper, wood, screen, wall and with clay to name a few media) it’s Magda’s way of seeing and interpreting the ever-bustling life in the streets, parks and undergrounds of Berlin.

“I draw in the club, in the supermarket, in the park, in the swimming pool and even in the sauna. Look at me as some kind of undercover agent trying to sneak around its victims, staying invisible. And drawing people turns out to be quite challenging as their natural behaviour can immediately change once they notice being watched… they might hide like nervous little deers or even attack me like wild rhinos.

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Jocelyn Catterson is driven by the love of nature and mountains, and spends an unordinary amount of time exploring vast American landscapes. Along the way she captures beautiful images of her surroundings, and also writes about her adventures. Since Jocelyn was featured here a while back, she sent me a little note about her on-going crowd funding campaign to raise money for her future travels.

“I grew up in a small town in Colorado and fell madly in love with the mountains. This passion has grown more intense with time and has come to include the desert, the plains, and the rivers, a passion for morning light and deep canyons, the smell of pine trees and hours spent on the road. These things have become the driving force behind my life and my photography. I have become fascinated with the connection between man and nature and the simplistic beauty of a life lived in a tent/on the road.”

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Dutch designer Bertjan Pot gained a lot of exposure through these mask experiments, and rightly so. I personally have a bit of an obsession with masks as well, and was delighted to discover this series of extravagant, weird and truly striking experiments.

“Although seemingly these masks tell stories, this again started out as a material experiment. I wanted to find out if by stitching a rope together I could make a large flat carpet. Instead of flat, the samples got curvy. When I was about to give up on the carpet, Vladi came up with the idea of ​​shaping the rope into masks. The possibilities are endless, I’m meeting new faces every day.”


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king of glory


The artist known as 0x17 has hit a point in his work which strikes me as a perfect balance between complexity and abstraction, while keeping a certain depth in meaning.

“The basis of the author’s creative approach is a suprematic annihilation of all material in the depictable. A radical simplification, subjecting the image to planar, iconographic laws. A deprivation of the image’s tension, density, volume, light and shade. The creations and events of the hierarchic holy world take the form of suprematic constructions, hovering above the world material and solid.”

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the good silence





Original Sin is a series of nude self-portraits by Catherin Colaw. Colaw integrates her body into majestic and sometimes harsh landscapes, underlining the fragility, beauty and at times the compatibility of the human body in natural or artificial landscapes.

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Salton Sea


Hyperbeast Lives is a series of photographs which focus on a much more dynamic, colourfully explosive and contextualized version of the creatures Hector Hernandez first introduced in his original Hyperbeast series.

“I imagined that these creatures exist in some other universe, that they roam wild somewhere, like lions or giraffes in Africa. I am simply capturing them in their natural habitats. Then again, I sometimes imagine that these hyperbeasts exist in our own world at some hidden level. They could exist, hidden to us in the same way that atomic and subatomic particles used to be hidden. These creatures could be a part of our world, dancing and living in the same spaces where we exist.”

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Cain Caser’s bold, bright and obscure paintings are certainly eye catching. The titles given to each piece add a layer of meaning or an allusion to the intention, which I initially tended to try and assimilate with the visual content, although I enjoy approaching his work without any preconception now and just letting the intended portrait reveal itself naturally.

“I draw on paper, cut the drawings up and rearrange them until something appears which I then use as a model for the painting. With each piece I’m looking for a portrait but I don’t want to deliberately make it, I’d rather it presents itself to me.”

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