Wilderness Photography by Jocelyn Catterson



Jocelyn Catterson is driven by the love of nature and mountains, and spends an unordinary amount of time exploring vast American landscapes. Along the way she captures beautiful images of her surroundings, and also writes about her adventures. Since Jocelyn was featured here a while back, she sent me a little note about her on-going crowd funding campaign to raise money for her future travels.

“I grew up in a small town in Colorado and fell madly in love with the mountains. This passion has grown more intense with time and has come to include the desert, the plains, and the rivers, a passion for morning light and deep canyons, the smell of pine trees and hours spent on the road. These things have become the driving force behind my life and my photography. I have become fascinated with the connection between man and nature and the simplistic beauty of a life lived in a tent/on the road.”

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