A few highlights out of Helder Dias’ fresh illustrative and typographic portfolio.

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Nostalgic yet contemporary paintings by Mark Dudiak:

“The Contemporary Paintings are an ongoing series of air-brushed paintings inspired by popular laser themed school photo-backdrops of the 1990’s. Each Contemporary Painting is created systematically using a semi-mechanical airbrushing technique of my own design, according to a set of predetermined formal parameters; uniform dimensions, a fixed palette based upon the visible light spectrum, and a strict figure / ground relationship.”

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Dusk (sold)


Dawn (sold)

Abstract collage compositions by Alexis Mackenzie:

“I like to combine elements from disparate ecosystems in order to accentuate their similarities, and to place things in a context which changes their function and relationship to the things around them. Surreal is one word for it. One thing that I strive for is to create things which are beautiful just to look at, and also rewarding to think about. That to me is what makes good art – accessible and challenging at the same time.”

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[peekaboo_content name=”alexis88″]< Ashes

Fangs (sold)

Pulchritude (sold)


Paintings by kozyndan (Kozy and Dan Kitchens):

“I think the whole world is completely out of tune or we are out of tune with the world. The way we live, that whole system, these cameras, sitting here interviewing and answering questions is all so far removed from how we evolved as species.  You know, like how all those cars are driving by, it’s just of out of whack with the rest of the world.  All of the other creatures just kind of live naturally in the world but we are all just fighting against what’s around us, just trying to contain and control it and it’s all absurd.  We’re a part of that and we’re totally sucked into that so it just seems natural for us to make these images that are sort of strange.

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Rosanna Jones distorts and tampers with her photographs, creating strangely beautiful and/or disturbing images:

“I love creating and capturing a beautiful moment, whether that be involving people or places, and then, in a way, destroying the innocence and aesthetic beauty of the image. Scratching away, or bleaching photographs is a way that I can relate to my images on a higher level; each scratch, tear or bleach mark symbolises how both society and the human mind have the power to destroy even the most beautiful of people or moments.”

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