Abstract Paintings by Kirra Jamison


Digging through my bookmarks I was glad to come across Kirra Jamison’s work as this point, because it recalls similar shapes from Eva Vermeiren’s work (see previous post) but takes on a very different approach in scale, process and medium.

“Jamison began foraging for colour on her studio floor. The vinyl offcuts, the negative spaces left from previous, more representational works, were found fresh and arranged into abstract working collages. These became templates, fixed to the paper ground or held temporarily with tape to permit reassembly. Jamison printed using a layering of stencils, rather than exposing one image to the screen: minor errors and shiftings were allowed to take place between the multiples, and their uniqueness seems harder won when it is barely apparent.

The large-scale paintings bloomed from the screen-print series, keeping and breaking its rules. The painter mimics the silkscreen’s layering process, its heavy pigment deposits and its moveable cut-out, pochoir effect – but is freed from the one-directional, one-chance pull of ink across screen. The paintings also make use of vinyl; as Jamison explains: ‘the vinyl pieces act as readymade abstracts … and also as misshapen paint swatch cards.’ The shapes and colours gather energy – both locomotor and light – as they change scale from hand-size to much larger than the painter.”

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