Crowd – 1987-1991 Conceptual Photography by Misha Gordin



Crowd – 1987-1991  is a series of conceptual photographs by Misha Gordin.

“What is material success? It’s a notion that is so illusive. How many
“zeroes” do you need to be “somebody” or feel “important”? Material success
is not my goal in life. My art is. But it is important for me to maintain the
level of my life style. I need to have a peace of mind and free time to do my
art. I believe that complete freedom is combination of both – spiritual and
material. It’s something we all strive for…”

via Dark Silence in Suburbia

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Concealed in pillars of the past

Like  bridge between  the distant thoughts

like silent dance of warmth and sadness

In lonely journey of the soul.




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