Generative Artworks by Andreas Nicolas Fischer


Andreas Fischer (interviewed back in August) has created a script which generates hypercomplex, visually bewildering and exhaustless digital sculptures:

“There are no efficient algorithms for many computer science problems. The simplest approach is to try all possible (or many) solutions until the desired outcome is reached. This is called Brute Force Method.
I created a Python script that creates arrangements of intersecting digital sculptures in front of a “frozen” cloth simulation, similar to a traditional still life, but with no physical constraints. The HDR image texture used to create the reflections on the genometry was taken at my studio, placing the virtual setup in the real world. Similar to Sol LeWitt´s wall drawings, the computer is executing commands with an inherent degree of randomness, thus removing the artist one step from the work and making it impossible to anticipate the exact outcome of the process.
Instead of searching for passwords, the script generates a potentially unlimited amount of image compositions, which are then published on my Tumblr blog for evaluation by an online audience. After one month starting June 1st 2013, the 10 compositions with the most “notes” will be chosen as the works in the series.

The chosen compositions will then be printed, framed and shown at an exhibition at the LEAP Berlin.”

Tumblr Link!

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