Photographs of shredded negatives by Brea Souders

Brea Souders:

“Composed from discarded film, static electricity and strong light, the photographs in this series are tapestries of my personal history. They contain slices of forgotten adventures, portraits of loved ones and strangers, untold experiments and family vacations, as well as shards of unrecognizable shapes and empty spaces–memories alongside their absence. Together, the charged fragments merge in energy and light to create a new narrative.

The images are created with shredded negatives from my archive attached to electrically charged sheets of acetate. Where the static force is strong, slices of film hold to the acetate. Where it is weak, they fall away. The acetate is then photographed using a flash, which reflects and creates streaks of white. This obscures some images while bringing others into relief. The reflected light also forms the photographs’ luminous internal frame. As appropriate to this process, the images’ final form exudes an element of playfulness and relies on the spirit of chance.”

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