Scanner experimentations and abstract ink paintings by Edoardo de Falchi:

“Images are a contemporary nightmare, never before has there been such an invasion of images. So for me as for everyone, the relationship is ambivalent. On the one hand they are the only universal language, as well as a pervasive system of representation from which you can not escape, on the other hand, our “society of the spectacle” is also, as you know for quite a while, the system of representations that cancels out any representation of the system.”

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Minerals is a series of mixed media artworks by Rebecca Rothfus:

 “Most recently, I have turned my curiosities downward toward the untouched, hidden parts of our landscapes.  In this current body of work I am exploring mineral and rock formations created over long periods of time, in the ground beneath us.  When examined closely, these crystal structures, though naturally derived, have the look and feel of engineered objects.  They appear to be miniature landscapes of their own; microscopic drafts of what was or what might be ahead.   Though I have shifted my subject matter towards mineral formations, the inquiry remains consistent:  What gives an object the sense that it is not of this world?  What makes something simultaneously beautiful and foreign to its surroundings?”


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A series of abstract collages by Jeffrey Meyer:

“I think the best surrealism has that ‘ease’ of viewing; the picture looks normal, even innocuous, but something is off. Hopefully some of my stuff shares that quality and encourages viewers to linger and study the work more than once.


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Raw and reworked photography by Bernhard Handick:

“In photography, it excites me to understand the body as a sculptor, as a composer to set music to the picture and as a storyteller to draw you into the spell. It is about the exploration of limits. And above all, it is my intention to work in close collaboration with the model and with the highest respect of individual boundaries in the form of an image.

“In der Fotografie reizt es mich, den Körper wie ein Bildhauer zu begreifen, wie ein Komponist das Bild zu vertonen und dich wie ein Geschichtenerzähler in den Bann zu ziehen. Es geht um das Ausloten von Grenzen. Und vor allen Dingen geht es mir darum, in engster Zusammenarbeit mit dem Model und mit dem höchsten Respekt die individuellen Grenzen in die Form eines Bildes zu übertragen.”

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Becoming Wilderness is a photography project by Scandinavian duo Inka Lindergård and Niclas Holmström (a.k.a Inka & Niclas).

“Integral to their practice is the wish to consider what it is in a sunset over an ocean or the view of a mountain range that is so emotionally spellbinding and continues to fill us with awe? What is it that drives us to go out there and collect these images over and over again? And what mystical auras create the sense of awe and wonder that colours our understanding of nature? Inka & Niclas´s practice evolves around an exploration of the different components that constitutes the powerful psychological effects of different natural phenomena and landscapes.

Becoming Wildnerness Exhibition @ Swedish Photography Berlin
September 6th – October 19th
Facebook event, map

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Fascinating approach to drawing by Marc van Elburg.

“I approach free drawing as an uncompromising battle against routine. In this, I picture routine as a rotating fluid that automatically settles to a shape of minimal deformation. Such a fluid is like a machine that follows a strict Newtonian law”

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