Open Call for Co-Editor

As you may have noticed, activity on Art Sponge has slowed down over the past few weeks (months?) and the reason for that is simply a lack of effort on my part, faced with other growing priorities and parallel personal projects. Letting the blog die however has never been an option I’ve considered though, and I do intend on reviving things here in some form or another—I just need some help.

Without going into many details about how I envision the future of Art Sponge I’d like to make an open call to any Berlin-based creatives interested in working with me to provide new content for the blog. I’m very open to new ideas and would love to discuss new ways of developing this blog!

All I ask of anyone interested beforehand is that you be based in Berlin, speak English and/or German and have preferably relevant experience in blogging, visual art curation or something of the sort. This isn’t a call for an intern: if we’re on similar wavelengths and we find collaborative potential, the blog will gradually become your online channel to showcase art and design which inspires you, your own personal projects and hopefully local talents as well.

If interested please send a few words about yourself, what you think you could contribute and maybe an idea of something you’d see yourself working on with the blog (no need to be too serious).


No Land is a photography project by Kiritin Beyer:

“‘No Land’ is a constant battle between man-made structures and artificial landscapes, based on the idea of ownership, compared to the naturally created lands where spirits dance and cheer.
The project shows how the industrial revolution has effected our land, flora, and fauna. Abandoned structures of an industrial age are an echo of generations past — many of these places carry an idea of mass production and creation — but when pitted against the supreme creator, it is nature which prevails powerfully in its simplicity and perfection.”

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