Bitcoin is one of the most popular trading assets that is generating huge returns for its investors. Therefore, for those who started collecting and trading bitcoins as a hobby or for fun, are in for a huge surprise. There are several Bitcoin trading software such as Gekko, BTC Robot, Crypto World Evolution, CryptoTrader, Zenbot, Tradewave, Hassbot, USI Tech, and so many others. All this trading software lets you trade not just bitcoins but also other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Altcoins, Litecoins, and more.

With the introduction of bitcoin collection, came bitcoin trading and hence the need for bitcoin exchanges.

Role of Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges provide its users with a high degree of:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Complete control

Hence, bitcoin users form the sole locus of control for their own funds and data. It is therefore advised to choose a cryptocurrency wallet with due diligence in order to store the bitcoins even before you approach an exchange.

Here is a list of different bitcoin exchanges that are available and are in use in some of the well-known countries across the world.

  1. Bitcoin Exchange in the United Kingdom – If you are looking to buy bitcoins while you are in the United Kingdom, then the most recommended bitcoin exchange is the BitBargain. Although the BitBargain operates similar to another famous bitcoin exchange called the LocalBitcoins, BitBargain differs from LocalBitcoins in its accessibility. This means that while LocalBitcoins is an international bitcoin exchange platform, BitBargain offers its service only in the regions of the United Kingdom.
  2. Bitcoin Exchange in Saudi Arabia – Even the Arabs are fascinated with bitcoin trading so much that the country of Saudi Arabia has its own bitcoin exchange platform called the BitOasis. Although BitOasis started operation much before its launch in Saudi Arabia, BitOasis was only recently available to the users of Saudi Arabia. It is said to be one of the most and the country’s only reliable Bitcoin exchange system.
  3. Bitcoin Exchange in France and Poland – Bitcoins are quite popular in the European countries and as such, countries such as France and Poland have more than thirty-five different Bitcoin exchanges spread across these two countries.
  4. Bitcoin Exchange in Nepal – Bitcoin exchanges are even in available in the Asian countries including Nepal and the best exchange system is the international bitcoin exchange called the LocalBitcoins. It allows users to buy bitcoins in the easiest and convenient way.

In addition to the above list, some of the bitcoin exchange software and the bitcoin trading software offer a “find” tool that will help users locate their choice of bitcoin exchange around the world.



4 Bitcoin Exchanges Around The World