Beautifully poetic, illustrative and creatively abundant work by Antoine et Manuel.

“We never have a single clear message that can be percieved, instead our work is more like poetry which leaves interpretation to the viewer.  We never use violence or aggressivity in our work, and it’s very important for us not to be manipulators. We also have difficulty using sex, or anything which might provoque a strong emotional reaction. Because we feel this as being essentially very easy.”

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 Sera Yong is a Korean graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist currently based in Berlin. Her works mix typographic elements with bold and colorful shapes, creating wonderfully textured abstractions. You should definitely have further look into her portfolio site and the site for Love and Peace Market, her design studio. It’s like entering a wonder child’s dream website/den.

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Here’s a great personal project by graphic designer Ashlea O’Neill, she every night during one week to create these delicate and enigmatic posters.

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acid graphic




I am constantly trying to combine analog and digital processes, so it’s always intriguing to see how others balance both types of work and how this comes out on the screen. From what I gather Travess Smalley’s process with very diverse and involves collages, drawings and lots of photoshop. This interview gives some light into how and why Travess these vibrant and varied artworks.

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Drawing Depot at Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival

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