ABC a Stop-Motion Film by KLUB7

Berlin’s own KLUB7 has had this stop motion film in the works for about three years now, and there’s no doubt it was well worth the wait. In order to present each letter of the alphabet, the group took on an amazing variety of techniques (including things like sewing, shooting paintballs and shovelling snow) and spread their work across three cities: Berlin, Halle/Saale and New York. It involved 15 000 photos which were arranged into a continuous visual thread, and accompanied by a smooth hip-hop beat soundtrack.

Here’s my interview with KLUB7 from last summer.

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THE KLUB7 ABC 2013 from KLUB7 Artcollective on Vimeo.


Still Image from the Documentary Pina


Still Image from the Documentary Pina

For those of you who missed it, Pina is a documentary on the life and works of Pina Bausch, a German performer of modern dance, choreographer, dance teacher and ballet director – who was a leading influence since the 1970s in the world of modern dance.

I selected a few shots from this film which might give an idea of the incredible talent this person was. Even without knowing anything about modern dance, I was captivated by the narratives expressed through abstract gestures, and set in visually amazing places. Pina found powerful ways of expressing pure human emotions such as joy and courage, but also struggle, loneliness and anxiety.

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Still Image from the Documentary Pina

Still Image from the Documentary Pina
Still Image from the Documentary Pina
Still Image from the Documentary Pina

Here’s an absolutely wonderful mini-series of videos created by PBS focusing on various art-related themes. They interview influencers in each field, such as typography, gif-making or the art world on the web.

Check them all out on Youtube.

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You might have seen the amazing viral video Doll Face directed by Andrew Huang – but have you seen his most recent short film Solipsist? if not, you are missing out on something absolutely mind-boggling.

There really aren’t many words one might find to describe the journey Andrew Huang takes the viewer on through this video – and in fact I’m having a hard time finding anything he’s personally said about the project. Maybe it’s better left that way. There is however a great making-of video, that I posted along with the original.



This is a great little series of video portraits by the creative studio Present Plus.

In these 60sec video clips – Artists, entrepreneurs, designers and rain-makers offer up an insight into the individual, their motivations and what really makes them tick.

FIN a short film by Craig Stecyk [C.R. Stecyk III]

This is a bit last-minute but here is a little glimpse into an exciting new short film by the one and only Craig Stecyk – whose life was famously portrayed in the film Lords of Dogtown and who co-wrote the award-winning documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys.

For this first installment in an evolutionary series of digital film shorts,  Stecyk joined up with the brand Hurley to present a film that investigates “artisan garage culture.  It will offer insights into an assortment of individuals who incorporate traditional do-it-yourself garage methodology into differing pursuits such as traditional modified vehicles, surfboards, skateboards, art, music and communications.”

Hurley is also releasing a limited edition of awesome t-shirts to go with the film.  A series of 4 t-shirts showcasing exclusive artwork and still photography captured during the making of FIN.  The film debuts on Feb. 8th at Hurley’s H-Space gallery.  The film will then travel to Hurley’s additional H Space galleries in Bali and Tokyo for international premieres.

Check out the trailer and more screenshots here.

A possible giveaway of one of the limited ed. t-shirts from Hurley is in the works – stay tuned.

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I’ve expanded a bit from my originally shorter article only featuring Hilland’s work on Sparks by Rôyksopp since I found Hilland’s video for the same band’s song Eple. Both songs and videos are fantastic, and although they obviously follow the same technique, they’re completely different in the feeling; partly due to the songs I think as well.

I’m extremely curious to know if there’s a name for this technique or process – if anyone has info, please share!

Directed by Thomas Hilland

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