I’ve expanded a bit from my originally shorter article only featuring Hilland’s work on Sparks by Rôyksopp since I found Hilland’s video for the same band’s song Eple. Both songs and videos are fantastic, and although they obviously follow the same technique, they’re completely different in the feeling; partly due to the songs I think as well.

I’m extremely curious to know if there’s a name for this technique or process – if anyone has info, please share!

Directed by Thomas Hilland

Review: M83 in Concert at the S.A.T in Montreal

Above you’ll find a video of the latest performance of M83 on “Jimmy Fallon”.  As much as I like watching shows on Jimmy Fallon, this performance is really a stripped-down and almost bland version of their show I saw here in Montreal last Saturday, which was utterly mind-blowing.

The M83 concert I saw on Saturday was an experience beyond most gigs I’ve been to (with maybe the exception of Fever Ray, James Blake and Suuns). Initially I wasn’t going to post on the show because I’m camera-less these days and it wouldn’t be much fun to read a concert review without some pictures. Luckily I came across these great shots by Andrew Colvin that really capture the visual atmosphere that was going on.

There really was no better place for such a band to play than the newly re-opened S.A.T (Société des Arts Technologiques). The space is huge, unlike the stage which stands almost isolated in the back of the room. What’s great about this is that it added to the overall feeling of being in some inter-galactic dance rave, with the band lifting off a UFO. This might sound a bit exaggerated, but just have a look at the first band appearance:


Honestly, I’m not too sure where this creature comes from (although I like to think it came up with that scream in the background of Midnight City), but it marked the lift-off of the show with the first track appropriately named “Intro”.

I would have been more-than-satisfied if the band had just played any songs from their repertoire without deviating from the studio recordings, but of course M83 did more than that. They expanded upon all their songs– driving the build-ups with epic drumming, and layering more sounds leading to incredibly exhilarating climaxes– always keeping us in an epic dream-like state.

If you haven’t heard Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, M83’s new album, there are a couple songs on our music player on the sidebar.

Local blogger Acquiesce To… wrote a great song-by-song review of the show, check it out.



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It’s hard to describe how great the feeling of watching this video is, without having watched it before. The Black Keys do it again, with another awesome song and another great piece of viral video.

Recently I’ve become obsessed with he latest album by M83 Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. It’s as if all of his previous music led up to this masterpiece. And the official music video for Midnight City also goes great with the vibe, as well as adding little X-Men kid look-a-likes.

click play on our sidebard music player to enjoy a couple of our favorite songs from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

For all Montrealers, M83 will be in concert here on the 19th of November.

I’m a huge fan of Little Dragon, I first discovered them through their Gorillaz collaboration (Empire Ants was one of the best songs on Plastic Beach in my opinion).

But it’s really the work they did withSBTRKT that got me to finally listen to their latest album, Ritual Union. It’s a great record, full of energy and brilliant vocals by Yukimi Nagano.

This music video for their song “Brush The Heat” is trippy to say the least. Interestingly, Yukimi Nagano’s father Yusuke Nagano and his creative partner OLGA directed it.

New Editor: Dillon Dooms

We’re not done introducing you to new editors being welcomed in the Art Sponge team!

Today we’re give a warm welcome to Dillon Dooms (a.k.a Dillill), a fellow blogger but primarily a great graphic designer.

Dillon graduated from Collins College with a BA in Computer Animation. He live in Rogers, Arkansas, and he is currently freelancing. We hope you enjoy the articles he’ll be writing here from now on!

Here’s his portfolio and his blog.

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