Detailed Explanation Of The Long-Term Cryptocurrency Trading Methods

For those of you who are just starting to trade in the cryptocurrency market, the trading long-term is the best bet. This is because it gives you ample time to think and plan your trades and you also do not need to sit in front of your computer for long and monitor the trades.


Swing traders generally keep their positions open for a few days to a few weeks. The swing traders take a trade and to see it going up and down and wait for their target price to reach before they exit the trade. Swing traders usually trade on the basis of the trend. They buy at a good demand level and aim to sell the cryptocurrency when the price reaches the supply level.

Doing a swing trading needs you to have a good hold of technical analysis. You should be able to analyze the pattern and then find out the support and resistance levels based on multiple time frame analysis.

Cryptocurrencies like any other security move in waves and thus you need to find out the bottom and keep riding it till the price reaches your target.

Swing traders do well in both the long and the short positions. It is all about detecting the price pattern, getting into the trade, staying calm and using a technical stop loss.

Positional trading

Positional trading is like a swing trading,  however, the time span of holding on to the trade is longer. You will build your position and keep adding to it if need be and stick to the portfolio for weeks and sometimes even for years.

Positional trading is a simple way to trade in the market but it asks for a great deal of discipline. The traders need to have the heart to deal with huge swings in the market and be ready for unexpected surprises.

Positional trading should not be confused with investing because one enters a positional trade to make profits. The time span, however, may be higher.

Positional traders have to beat the ups and downs and the market swings as well as are ready to face the good and the bad news that the market has in store for them.


Investing and trading, see the source, are two different things. When you trade your main aim is to sell the position off to make a profit, be it immediately or after a few years. When you invest you aim to have an ownership of the asset and to see that the value of the asset increases over time. It is thus like being apart of the asset or the company,

An investor may trade without a stop loss because he believes in the asset and not in its price. All that they need is to have confidence in that the reason why they invested in the asset in the first place stands true.


Detailed Explanation Of The Long-Term Cryptocurrency Trading Methods