Is online shopping experience is better than direct shopping experience?

Direct shopping:

Direct shopping is nothing but going to the shop and purchasing the products.  It helps the customers to view the products and experience it in the direct shopping.  For direct shopping, you need a fixed place to market your products.  It helps the retailers to be contacted with the customers directly.

Online shopping:

It is the platform in which it displays a wide variety of products with different brands in order to satisfy the customer’s desires and needs.  It is the place where you get an exceptional display of products with many promotional offers to the customers.

Which is the best?

  • Direct shopping helps you to analyze the product features, model directly. The customers and the retailers have a direct contact with each other.  This is not so in case of online shopping in which you will not experience it and you don’t have direct contact with the retailer.
  • Direct shopping experience different than online shopping. One like direct shopping whereas others like to do online shopping more since it is not a tiresome process.  For example, If you like to buy fashion apparels and you are not satisfied with the shop you went, you need to search for the other shop which is best out there.  This makes you tired and creates stress in the minds of customers.
  • When you go for online shopping if you didn’t like the product you can return it as soon as possible so that the money will be credited into your account. But this is not so easy as in the paper because the money credited in your account may delay for some time which makes you get to stress over it.  But this is not so in the case of direct shopping, whether you like it or not you can go for other shops to purchase the apparels or any other items.
  • Online shopping is possible to the upper middle class and higher class of people since they generally maintain bank accounts for their personal uses. Those who don’t have this facility cannot avail the experience of online shopping.  For lower-middle-class people, direct shopping is suited the best when compared to online shopping.
  • In online shopping, customers can get to know about the performance of the products, its features from the reviews of the customers who have used the product already. Another platform which is Alex reviews also can give the better idea about topics on various aspects, which is also found to be useful to find out the performance of various products or the organizations and so on.

Though there are many advantages in both the shopping methods, the best experience depends upon the customers and their satisfaction level on these shopping methods.


Is online shopping experience is better than direct shopping experience?