I’ve had a clip of one of these photos on my Evernote for what seems to be ages.. and this project by HELMO certainly has done the rounds on the Internet, but I think it deserves more attention. As an ad campaign for the French Galleries Lafayettes, HELMO combined fashion photography by Laurent Croisier and animal photos by Christophe Urbain. I really enjoy the different ways one can look at each of these, especially since the red tones both mix and distinguish themselves from the blue tones.

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Stacey Rozich

There’s so much going on in Stacey’s work I don’t even know where to start looking. In this case, feeling lost in a painting is the best feeling; just when you think you’ve got the picture, something new jumps in your face and you re-evaluate the whole meaning of the piece.

That’s exactly how I react to Stacey’s work, and every time something new impacts me, my admiration for Stacey’s talent soars even higher.

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